Monday, October 26, 2015

Bathroom Renovating Ideas

I always dreamed off giving a majestic look to my bathroom that could meet all my physical and emotional desires, but always I had to stop thinking of this home improvement idea due to lack of budget. 

You know, if you have resources, you can get whatever you need, but a person like me can’t afford to open our wallet for these luxurious ideas. However, I was unable to put my wishes aside and kept thinking on some cheap alternative to spruce up my bathroom. 

After searching and searching, I got some ideas that were not only economical but they were going to give a boost my bathroom. I decided to go for do-it-yourself job to save my money in terms of spending on some professionals. 

When, I have internet access, why not I should think to upgrade my living with repurposed things with the help of some DIY sites. Now I enjoy warm and cozy bathroom that gives me the more pleasure than a commercial hammam. I want to share these smart ideas with you to give your value your property with an imposing bathroom.

·         Tile comes under a vast range of chic and colors, but the mosaic tile is one of the most popular these days. Stone and granite tile are also the options whatever fits your taste. If you want to save your cash and want a remodeled bathroom in the same time, try to make a focal point with the less amount like the flooring of bathroom.   

·         Smart and efficient bathroom storage is a tricky aspect of bathroom design. Bathroom vanities getting popularity day by day. If you can’t afford an outsized vanity, think about wall-mounted or a small medicine vanity to organize your bathroom accessories. 

·         A stylish mirror doesn’t cost as much to go beyond your capacity. You can get a simple mirror and frame it with some do-it-yourself style. I’ve made a wooden frame using colorful stickers to beautify it.

·         There is no cheap alternative than the power of paint. It will not only give a new life to your bathroom but also prevent this small but most misty place from building up mold and mildew. Choose eco-friendly paint with cozy color that shouldn’t fade away in short time. 

·         If you want to add value your home and have space in your bathroom, a bathtub will enhance the efficiency and style of your bathroom. Don’t spend lots of your cash on a bulky one; instead get a medium one with enough space to stretch out with a secure foothold.

·         Instead of fix showers, walk-in designs are more popular these days. These showers also give the privilege the areas where two bathrooms are constructed back to back so the walk-in shower will work as a 2 in 1 unit. 

·         Don’t neglect the importance of bathroom hardware like shower head, water taps, toilet paper holder, towel bar, ring or rack, waste bin, vanity lighting and blah blah. Staying under your budget limits improve the quality of your bathroom. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

5 Ways to Reduce Your Dehumidifying Cost

Anyone who uses Dehumidifier knows it well that power consumption this device is huge. Dehumidifier is used to take the moisture out of the air and that can give big add to the monthly electricity bills. 

This cost is often seen as unavoidable cost. Excessive humidity in a home or space risks mold and mildew issues that can damage property and sometimes, be costly to clean up. Furthermore, dehumidifying tends to create a room more livable and comfortable.

Dehumidifier is a necessary tool for home, office or space. But its operating cost is high. So what to do to make it cost-effective?

There are actually several ways to minimize the costs of dehumidifying and still sucks excess moisture.
Here are a few:

1.    Ensure Air Circulation. Ensuring air circulation in the damp area is important. So get fresh air around the area as much as possible by using fans and windows. A major reason basements and space get damp is because water vapor accumulates in the air with no escape of it. Managing an air circulation, humidity problems can be reduced.

a.    Installing small sized windows and vents;
b.    Using fans.

2.    Using Calcium Chloride. Calcium chloride, a salt crystal, that absorbs humid/ moisture of the air. Hardware and house-hold-improvement stores are now promoting sale of Calcium Chloride which is being considered as an alternative to normally used dehumidifiers. You can set the calcium chloride inside containers especially in damp rooms and it will absorb water of the air, turning its crystals to brine. The brine then maybe dumped down in the toilet. 

·         Warning! Calcium chloride can be unsafe and dangerous to swallow, so it must be kept away from little children and pets.

3.    Getting Energy Efficient Dehumidifier. Dehumidifier is efficient and just for fighting moisture condition. If you use dehumidifier at your home and space, purchase an energy efficient dehumidifier. The dehumidifier with low electricity consumption maybe considered based to review and ratings and also analyzing component specification.

4.    Exploring New Efficient Technologies. For Large buildings; especially commercials, a more sophisticated and efficient technologies for dehumidifying requirement. Its good sign that there been remarkable advancement in the state of energy efficient dehumidifying systems.

5.     Limiting and Smart Use of Dehumidifier. A Dehumidifier does not work optimally in lower temperature (below 65 degrees Fahrenheit) and therefore, it is wise to only use the same in room above that temperature. As the temperature all the year round does not remain the same, so the dehumidifier can be used considering that periods.
     Keeping an eye to the relative humidity, area to be dehumidified should be closed (windows and doors). When the needed level of humidity is gained, removing moisture will increase energy consumption and the space becomes over-dry.  Dehumidifier should not be used at a temperature less than 60 degrees of Fahrenheit.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Should female start building their body ?

This is question which many women want to have a answer.

I can say that. Yes.

Of course it does,

Only sport gives women, bring for women one true beauty, beauty is something from nature but if we do not protect beauty, we don't have any knowledge about it,  amended the train filled with part extension on the body, the beauty that we have will erode over time.

Of course not every girl is like beauty muscle on their body. The girls assured, naturally does not allow you to own body muscles  too much, because muscle is due to the male hormone regulation, but the hormones in your body are extremely low.

If the girls want to have muscles, then you have to inject this hormone in person (or by the methods of science that put male hormones in your body) combined with heavy weights for long periods with intensity high.

It is too hard is not it? In short, muscle mass due to male hormone regulation, the peace of mind you offline.

Then female bodybuilding would be what? You will get 3 laps more standard measurements, waist compact, firmer, better health, less fat, especially over prolonged adolescence.

In short you will be healthier and sexier.

Do not tell me that you do not want these things. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to Boost Up Your Body Fitness

Are you one of those who make very determined resolutions about getting a good health, losing these many pounds, adopting a healthy lifestyle, etc. and then as January approaches it’s end you realize that your resolution did not make it even that far?

 If yes then trust me, most of us are no different.

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You know what is really missing? It is daily resolution. You make long term goals without thinking about your daily routines, the inertia in you is also a great procrastinator and ultimately you end up blowing off your resolution.

Here are a few tips that can help you instill fitness in your life.

Schedule it

The most effective way to get productive is to get thing organized. Make a schedule and make appointments. Three thirty minute sessions are a good start. Have the machines reserved in advance, so if nothing else works knowing that everyone else is keeping on hold because of you will drag you to the machines.

Get a Gym Buddy

There is no better motivation than a friend. Put that to your advantage. Ask one of your friends to keep a check on your exercises. Even better is when they join you in that exercise that enhances the productivity by ten folds.

It is no t necessary that you get just one friend; of course they also have a life that is in no way identical to yours. Thus you can get more than one friend for different purposes, like one for basket ball and the other for walk.

Don’t Stress Your Mind Too Much Into It

The worst thing you can do to yourself is being buried under the stress of doing something. Don’t think too much about it. Take it easy and stay relaxed.

Distract yourself by other things such as listening to music or having a television set near your machine. In this way you will be done with your exercise without getting mentally exhausted.
Join a Gym

Gymnasium is the best place to get organized where you have everything timed and also you have access to many types of equipment. You can also take classes of what you can’t do on your own.
Set Objectives and Keep a Record

Set objectives so that you know what you are trying to achieve. Break it down into short-term and long-term ones.

Also keep a record of what progress you are making. It will materialize your ambition and keep you going.

Keep Shuffling Up

One of the biggest reasons why people quit exercises is that it gets boring doing the same thing over and over again. Also in that way your body stops responding to the exercises, which gives them all the more reason to stop.

Vary your schedule, change your routine and try to keep it alive. Change the routine according to what you like but what is important is that you do it!

Give Yourself a Treat

For every milestone you cover, reward yourself with a nice treat. Of course not the “so-many-chocolates” treat. But it might include a little shopping, some walking shoes or a tracksuit.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Taking Care of a Home Gym

Taking Care of a Home Gym


You finally have a home gym in that garage, looking exactly as you desired it to be. But are you taking proper care of it? Do you look after your equipments and give them a regular maintenance check?

You have to take harsh with mild. Where a home gym provides you so many benefits a commercial gym doesn’t, it also asks for something you never had to bat an eye about in the gym i.e. look after the machines.

If you neglect it, the machines may wear out sooner than their lifeline and may even be a safety risk. Thus it’s essential that you keep your equipments in a proper shape and maintained.

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Here are a few tips to keep your equipments running:


Key to Healthy Equipments: Cleanliness


The best way to preserve your machinery is to keep it clean. Dust is a very deadly and subtle enemy. It settles quickly and is not easily visible, therefore it easily gets ignored. Wipe the machines with a wet towel and detergent, thoroughly so that it doesn’t get accumulated.




There is a steel rod in weight lifting machines that pass through the weight plates, known as the guide rod. It assists you in lifting weight while using the machine.

If it is not lubricated regularly, it may cause resistance to your exercise. Lifting weight becomes harder and requires more strength. It is not because of the weight itself but because of the friction offered by the rod.

Using silicon spray or lithium grease twice a year can keeps it lubricated and in a good shape.

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Run a Cable Check


Every once a month, run a cable check. Examine closely if the cables are worn out, stretched or damaged. A threadbare cable can be very dangerous in many ways. Hence you must amend them or replace them as per instructed in the manual of the equipment. It may vary for different machines.




Bolts are the core elements of machinery as they are responsible for keeping the machine together. If they are not screwed properly the machine can fall apart. Loose bolts can hazardous.

You can check them regularly by holding the bolts between your thumb and index finger and applying slight finger. If the bolt moves with this minor pressure, then you need to get it fixed with the required tool. Otherwise part of machine will fall down and can cause injury.


Do not Experiment 


Exercise equipments are tough for the exercises they are designed for but may prove to be rather frail for other exercises. They may not be able to handle if they are used the unapproved ways.

It is important that you use them exactly how they are supposed to be used according to the manual. You might have an amazing mind but the machine might not have the tolerance for it. Using them otherwise or experimenting on them with different exercises can cause them to break. This may also cause you an injury.